InTouch is specialized in end-to-end wireless solutions. Our team possesses unmatched technical knowledge and the experience to complete large, highly complex deployments, in the most challenging environments.

Our Wifi consulting services include:

  • Wireless site survey
  • A wireless site survey is a physical survey of buildings or outdoor areas using enterprise-grade Wi-Fi surveying tools, WLAN analyzers, and RF spectrum analyzers. To ensure the accuracy of the final site survey report that InTouch delivers, only the latest and most sophisticated equipment is used.
  • Predictive wireless design
  • To get a better visual of your design we can use our tools to produce simulated coverage maps based upon your particular floor plan and building structure, while also taking into account the AP antennas and Wi-Fi devices that will be used.
  • Wireless network installation
  • InTouch can install your (SDN) wireless network, test it and certify its operation. Upon completion, the wireless installation is documented for future reference.
  • Wireless security audit
  • We can provide recommendations and configuration of Wi-Fi security solutions. The audit consists of the following services: spectrum analysis of your wireless network, validation of the infrastructure layout, access point audit and extended Security analyses