The new world is mobile, interactive, immediate and fluid. The internet is used for financial transactions or to access personal data. Buildings become smart. Social media changes how work gets done. Big data is needed to understand customer needs and to deliver custom made services in real-time. As a result, connectivity, LAN/WAN and data centres continue to face the demand for more capacity and services in real time and at reduced costs.

InTouch Software Defined Network (SDN), converged infrastructures and WIFI services help IT to meet the business requirements.

We strive for balance between innovation and operational control, so all of the services we design and deliver are right on target and perfectly manageable.

Our core customer base derives from health care, retail, the construction and engineering industry. InTouch’s services broadly fall into the categories of network infrastructure, Voice, Data, and Managed Services. InTouch’s data services include Ethernet, Internet Protocol, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Internet Access and Bandwidth services. InTouch’s managed services include application and website hosting, IT services and network management.