Instore WiFi

Capacity on demand

Service delivery platform

Wifi as a service

InTouch Instore WiFi includes a low cost wifi infrastructure with analytics to understand the behavior of understand customer behaviour  and insights. Get a real time view, track your objectives across all  your stores and obtain a complete visibility on shopping behaviour. Read more….

InTouch created Capacity on Demand (COD) to address the unique requirements of each business. With COD we are offering scalabilty and flexibility for deploying applications, storage and computing needs. Read more…

The world is changing. Making smarter buildings and cities a necessity.  Citizens, patients and businesses are demanding secure and on demand access to services from any location and any time. Read more…

InTouch WaaS allows businesses with limited CapEx budgets or IT resources to offer their customers and employees fast, secure, and reliable wireless LAN access across multiple locations. Read more…