Instore Wifi

instore analyticsInTouch Instore WiFi includes a low cost wifi infrastructure with analytics to understand the behavior of understand customer behaviour  and insights. Get a real time view, track your objectives across all  your stores and obtain a complete visibility on shopping behaviour.

InTouch Instore WiFi measures the behavior of all your shoppers that are carrying a WiFi enabled smartphone.

Typically, this is 40-70% of your shoppers. Smartphones constantly send out short “pings” as they search for WiFi networks nearby. We record pings and send them to the cloud. We can measure the shopper activity without interrupting their shopping experience.

Reports includes: visualize first vs. repeated visitors, dwell times, walking paths, real time heat maps and many more!


  • heatmap-screenshotReady to go in minutes — Just plug-in our WiFi, iBeacon and Bluetooth enabled hardware.
  • Analytics — Understand your customers and visitors with data-driven insights.
  • Operations — Cut costs by optimizing staffing and space layouts.