Speed up your business with InTouch

innovtionInTouch is your partner with 40 years experience in removing technology barriers for business innovation. With our expertise Intouch has enabled effectuation of groundbreaking ideas into cutting edge solutions in Aerospace and Defense industry. New technologies make this shift to open innovation also available to other industries.

From its earliest days InTouch already operates in an agile way with multidisciplinary teams (including the customer). In short term development cycles, we deliver flexible building blocks for sustainable ICT infrastructures (software defined) and network organisations. Our focus is to continuously add value to the primary process of the business, where change and unpredictability rule.

 How we operate is demonstrated in our Agile Manifesto.

  • People and interactions between them prevail, above processes and tools
  • Working solutions conquer extensive documentation
  • A good relationship with a customer is more important than smart contracts
  • Adaptability to change overcomes ‘strictly acccording to plan’

Above mentioned principles can differ in individual customer journeys. Are you ready for an InTouch?