Service Delivery Platform

The world is changing. Making smarter buildings and cities a necessity.  Citizens, patients and businesses are demanding secure and on demand access to services from any location and any time. A communication network is required to establish all sorts of connections, including human to human, human to machine, machine to machine. A communication network that can connect all sorts of things.

InTouch is offering a Connectivity Gateway Platform that provide interconnectivity. It’s a highly reliable communication technology that utilizes wireless networks and network virtualization that flexibly support a wide range of business demands. The InTouch technologie is positioned between a variety of different types of networks, and connect these networks together.

InTouch is offering a sustainable Connectivity Gateway Platform to empower cloud services and smart IT. InTouch enables you to offer the best experience for your customers and users around the globe.


  • By creating clever new services that drive IT innovation
  • By owning and operating our proprietary, award-winning Connectivity Gateway Platform and communication network
  • By investing continually in market knowledge

The InTouch platform supports:

  • Connectivity – a high leverage network that interconnects citizens,patient, health, government, business and other objects
  • Smart – Offering capabilities that allow better low cost management and control
  • Secure, private and resilient – Our platform is stable, resilient and secure